VIDEO: Tara Reid's slurred speech sparks concern during TV interview


The actress, who struck up an unlikely friendship with X Factor duo Jedward in the 2011 series of Celebrity , appeared on Australian show Today Extra on Channel 9 to promote her new film Sharknado 6.

Speaking via a live link-up from New York, the American Pie star stumbled over her words before slurring: “This one you guys…

“Honestly is beyond… it’s my favourite one.

“It’s so ridiculous, it’s so bad that it’s good and it’s just… “

She continued: “I mean [inaudible] gone out of space, I’ve already had a baby inside of a shark, we have done everything.”

As Tara tried her get her words out, the show presenters could be heard awkwardly laughing in the background.

After watching Tara’s appearance, fans took to social media to express their concern.

“OMG is she ok?” one fan wrote.

Jedward tara reid GETTY

PALS: Tara Reid became friends with Jedward while in the CBB house

Tara Reid interview TODAYEXTRA

CONCERN: Tara Reid slurred her words during a TV interview

Tara Reid GETTY

PROMO: Tara Reid is promoting her new film, Sharknado 6

“It’s so ridiculous, it’s so bad that it’s good and it’s just…”

Tara Reid

While another added: “She’s out of her tree.” 

And a third continued: “OMG – she looked and sounded totally out of it – slurring her words.”

After Tara interrupted Today host Deborah Knight, the presenter tried to salvage the situation by saying: “We’ve got the delay here causing problems… “

Meanwhile, her co-host David Campbell awkwardly smiled while looking uncomfortable.

Tara Reid American Pie UNIVERSAL

FLASH BACK: Tara Reid starred in the original American Pie films

Speaking about a potential new American Pie flick, Tara added: “There’s a lot of talk about it.

“I was at one of the Emmy parties and I ran into the directors and the writers of American Pie and I was like, ‘Come on guys, when are making the next American Pie?’

“And they both looked at me and they’re like, ‘Soon Tara, it’s gonna happen’.”

Tara played the role of Vicky in the hit films alongside Jason Biggs.

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