Virginia Tech Women's Lacrosse Team Sings N-Word During Lil Dicky Sing-along


Va. Tech Women’s LacrosseSing N-Word on CamDuring Lil Dicky Sing-along

3/27/2018 10:49 AM PDT

Virginia Tech’s women’s lacrosse team not only loudly, and proudly, sang the n-word on the team bus — but they POSTED video of themselves singing the lyric from Lil Dicky‘s “Freaky Friday.”

The women — who were all white — were in a celebratory mood Saturday night after a victory, and decided to belt out Dicky’s hit, which features Chris Brown. For what it’s worth, Chris is the one who sings the n-word in the song, NOT Dicky.

The coach apologized for the team and said the women sang the lyric without malice. He called it a “teachable moment” … and up until now, the school hasn’t said whether the players will be disciplined.

The funny (not necessarily “ha ha”) part is the whole point of the song is Lil Dicky suggesting he could ONLY say the word, IF he were Chris Brown.

Apparently, the Lady Hokies all woke up feeling Breezy. 

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