Vote Now for GQ’s Most Stylish Man of 2021

The crown is up for grabs, and 16 big fit-crushing contenders will duke it out on GQ’s Instagram this week.

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With all but a few red carpet events in the books—the year’s awards won, and its movies premiered, and its courtside seats filled—it’s time to step back and take stock. That’s right: it’s time for GQ’s readers to vote for their most stylish man of the year.

And what a year it was! After a year in which many people didn’t care to wear much beyond sweatpants, personal style was back in a big way in 2021. If the Biggest Fits of the Year didn’t make it clear enough, the parties and events and shindigs at which serious dressing thrives returned—and so did the outfits. But there can only be one Most Stylish Man of the Year. So let’s get to it.

We’ve assembled 16 of the planet’s flyest dressers, all of whom reminded us of the joys of dressing well over the past 12 months. (Harry Styles, last year’s winner, gets the year off.) Together, they exemplify that grand spectrum that menswear has become. But only one of them can be the Most Stylish Man of the Year, as selected by you. You can read more about each of them below.

Voting kicks off today at noon, Eastern time, on GQ’s Instagram; round one runs for 24 hours. Which means we’ll have our winner on Friday. Head to IG to put in your votes, and make sure to check back each day to find out who’s won and who’s been eliminated. May the most stylish man win.

Timothée Chalamet

Chalamet was busy this year, spending a good chunk of it on the road promoting Dune and Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch. And last year’s second-place Most Stylish finisher was busy showing that he’d upped his game, with a run of next-level tailoring that dominated red carpets. He’s a contender to be reckoned with.

Evan Mock

A genuine rookie! Mock has long simmered on the fringes of fashiondom, with his head of pink hair popping up at plenty of industry events. But he really burst onto the mainstream scene this year with his role on the Gossip Girl reboot, and made the rounds in the way that only the cool new kid on the scene can. He’ll be one to watch—and we’d be shocked if this was his last appearance in this competition.

Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill is well-established as a style legend. Wearing a Phoenix Suns jersey as formalwear will just about guarantee that. But Hill, especially on our GQ Style cover and then while promoting Don’t Look Up, seems to be undergoing a second style icon metamorphosis. He’s wearing exactly what he wants, and nothing else—and it’s working.

Lewis Hamilton

If you, like millions of other brand-new Formula 1 fans, were surprised to find yourself tuning into this weekend’s rip-roaring, championship-deciding race, then you know the global impact the sport has—and the intense love fans have for their favorite drivers. It’d be easy enough to root for Hamilton on the merits: he is, hands down, one of the greatest race car drivers of all time. That he’s come into his own, style-wise, is merely a bonus. But it’s a pretty good bonus.

Justin Bieber

Good rule of thumb for 2021: if Balenciaga creative director Demna wants to dress you, you’re having a good year. And this year, in addition to mononymic mega-celebs like Ye and Kim, the Biebs fell hard into Balenciagaworld. It worked, but maybe only because Bieber knows how he wants to dress these days: comfort first, with the odd splash of high-end streetwear and designer to take things into the stratosphere. Kid’s growing up before our eyes.

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Oscar Isaac

Technically speaking, we don’t grant entry onto this list for sartorial achievement on film or television. If you played a character who dressed excellently, that’s awesome—but it’s also not you. We’re willing to give dispensation to Oscar Isaac, whose knitwear-forward Hot Prof looks on Scenes from a Marriage certifiably lit the internet aflame, especially after costume designer Miyako Bellizzi put behind-the-scenes images online. Professor Isaac gets an A+.

Tyler, the Creator

Tyler reminds us that uniform dressing need not be monotonous. It’s all about finding your pieces—and in Tyler’s case, that means shorts (or short pants), white T-shirts, leopard vests, loafers, and (increasingly) a serious watch. You know what you’re getting with Tyler, but that doesn’t make it any less dope.

Pete Davidson

The king of Staten Island always seems to be having fun with what he wears. And while that usually tilts toward logo-heavy streetwear (most often paired with sweats and sneakers),he reminded us this year that he’s capable of the odd curveball: remember the Thom Browne dress he wore to the Met Gala? And the secret to a good offspeed pitch, of course, is knowing when to break it out. (For the record: the Met Gala is the right time.)

A$AP Rocky

A decade since bursting onto the scene, Pretty Flacko remains awfully pretty. And he’s still, easily and constantly, one of the best dressed guys we’ve got. He’s always been as willing and experimental a dresser as walks this earth, and this year provided us with plenty more evidence of that fact: you try wearing a giant quilt to the Met Gala. (Maybe…don’t.)

Jalen Green

If “NBA Style” has calcified into a series of legible and replicable gestures—graphic streetwear, rare sneakers, small bags worn by large men—Jalen Green is here to shake things up. The Rockets rookie, along with a few other young hoopers, has a whole new Gen Z idea of what constitutes sick tunnel style. It starts with the aggressively flared suit he wore to the draft, and continues to find expression in the excellently short shorts he breaks out before games. He’s in the running for NBA rookie of the year—and a solid bet for most stylish rook, too.


This wouldn’t be a Most Stylish list without multi-time winner Ye. But after a few years off in Wyoming (and turning Yeezy into a genuine blockbuster sneaker brand), he’s back in the public eye, and in serious fashion—it’s rare that you’ll see him not wearing a look from Demna’s Balenciaga. This year’s been a good reminder that there are few fashion fans more passionate than the artist formerly known as Kanye West, and the whole industry is better for that fact.

Kid Cudi

Cudi’s already on the shortlist for Achievements in Dress-Wearing in 2021: after rocking a Kurt Cobain-inspired floral piece on SNL, he went with a full custom ERL wedding dress at the CFDA fashion awards. All this, of course, in addition to his regularly top-of-class dressing. Cudi’s as committed as anyone else to pushing the boundaries of what men can wear, and how.

Daniel Craig

Craig’s turn as 007 came to an end with No Time to Die, and the guy went out with a sartorial bang. What else would you call a cranberry velvet double-breasted blazer? Or a baby-blue DB suit? As Craig said goodbye to Bond, he also helped the rest of us say hello to Daniel Craig—not a globe-trotting super spy, but just a dude with killer style.

Steve Harvey

Hot pink. Blue leather. Animal prints galore. Nobody had a glow-up quite like Steve Harvey’s in 2021 (you can read all about it here), and nobody seemed to be having more fun—giving more Can you believe I’m wearing THIS? looks—than Harvey. The King of Comedy is looking for another crown.

Lil Nas X

It would be easy to call Lil Nas X’s chart-exploding musical adventure his biggest achievement of the year. But to do that would be to ignore the contributions he made in the field of Advanced Personal Style. Nobody goes harder on red carpets; nobody is more intentional about expanding notions of gender and style. Most importantly: nobody seems to be having quite as much fun.

Channing Tatum

A blast from the past! It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Tatum, but then all of a sudden he turned up in photos with Zoe Kravitz dressed like the King of Bushwick: baggy Dickies, a BMX bike, and a grin that suggests he’s having a great time getting dressed every day. Here’s to second acts.

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