Warner Bros. and Discovery Share New Company Name and Logo Following Merger


If you’ve been following entertainment news these past few weeks, you’ll know that Discovery and WarnerMedia recently announced a blockbuster merger that will further reshape the entertainment landscape. Now, the two companies have announced the name of the future company that will come about as a result of the merger; Warner Bros. Discovery. Additionally, the new logo for the company, along with a tagline, have been revealed as well.

Warner Bros. Discovery will be the name of the massive media company once the merger receives regulatory approval. The tagline will be “The stuff that dreams are made of,” which is a nod to the classic movie The Maltese Falcon. As for the logo, it simply features the new title in classic Warner Bros. lettering with some clouds in the background and tagline written underneath. David Zaslav, President and CEO of Discovery and the future CEO of this newly-formed company, had this to say.

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“Warner Bros. Discovery will aspire to be the most innovative, exciting and fun place to tell stories in the world, that is what the company will be about. We love the new company’s name because it represents the combination of Warner Bros.’ fabled hundred year legacy of creative, authentic storytelling and taking bold risks to bring the most amazing stories to life, with Discovery’s global brand that has always stood brightly for integrity, innovation and inspiration. There are so many wonderful, creative and journalistic cultures that will make up the Warner Bros. Discovery family. We believe it will be the best and most exciting place in the world to tell big, important and impactful stories across any genre, and across any platform: film, television and streaming.”

Warner Bros. Discovery is being described as a “pure play” company. It will own one of the deepest media libraries in the world with nearly 200,000 hours of programming and will bring together over 100 brands under one roof. This includes HBO, Warner Bros., Discovery, DC, CNN, WB Games, Turner Sports, Cartoon Network, HGTV, Food Network, TNT, TBS, Turner Classic Movies, Wizarding World, Adult Swim, Eurosport, Magnolia, TLC, Animal Planet, ID and many more.

AT&T previously merged with Warner Bros. in a blockbuster merger that was meant to shake up the media landscape. WarnerMedia was then formed. But the telecom company recently revealed that they are going to spin-off WarnerMedia in a massive $43 billion deal with Discovery. The two media companies, ultimately, will be looking to compete in the streaming game with other players such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+.

WarnerMedia has HBO Max under its umbrella, with the service launching last year. Discovery, meanwhile, has Discovery+. It remains to be seen if the services will merge when/if the deal is approved, or if they will remain independent. Either way, the combined might of these two media giants will better position them to compete with the deep pockets of Netflix and the attractive franchises controlled by Disney, such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars.

Mergers such as this are becoming more common as the media landscape continues to shift toward streaming. Most recently, Amazon announced a deal to purchase MGM valued at more than $8.5 billion. Meanwhile, it is believed that Apple might make a similar play, with Lionsgate viewed as a possible target. However, Sony has made it crystal clear that they are not for sale despite speculation that the company might be a logical target for a corporate giant hoping to grab a massive media library to bolster its streaming offerings. This news comes to us via Discovery.com.

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