We finally know what happened to Sarah in Love Actually


Comic Relief’s , revealing what the cast of the classic Christmas rom-com were up to.

We discovered that Hugh Grant’s David was still the Prime Minister (and married to Natalie), Sam – aka Thomas Brodie-Sangster – was all grown up, and creepy Mark, played by Andrew Lincoln, was now married to Kate Moss.

However, we never found out what came of Sarah, played by Laura Linney.

Fans of Love Actually will remember Sarah was in love with sexy co-worker Karl, and the colleagues finally hooked up following the work Christmas party.

Sarah in Love ActuallyUNIVERSAL

MYSTERY: Sarah was left out of the UK Red Nose Day reunion

But Sarah needed to look after her mentally ill brother, who called her constantly, and she abandoned her budding romance to spend Christmas with her sibling in a sad plot twist.

However, the US has had its own Red Nose Day, and their Love Actually reunion has cleared up what happened to Sarah – and while her life doesn’t involve Karl, she had a happy ending.

Sarah is seen typing away in the same office as all of her co-workers leave around her late at night.

She answers her mobile phone to say: “Hello darling. Absolutely. I am almost finished. How are you?”

Sarah and Karl in Love ActuallyUNIVERSAL

ILL-FATED: Sarah and Karl’s doomed hook-up was one of the saddest parts of the film

Laura Linney as SarahNBC

THE BIG REVEAL: Laura returned to play Sarah for US Red Nose Day

It seemed that she was still talking to her brother Michael, as she addressed him as “darling” in the first film.

But it turns out she is now speaking to her husband – played by the dreamy Patrick Dempsey.

He tells her: “You’re a very nice wife”, to which she replies: “Be quiet and go away.”

And a look at the kitchen behind Patrick sees several kids’ drawings on the wall – meaning Sarah became a mum over the last decade. Awww.

Patrick Dempsey in Love ActuallyNBC

HAPPY ENDING: Sarah is now married to Patrick Dempsey, apparently

The rest of NBC’s Red Nose Day Actually was the same as the UK’s, with .

Jamie (Colin Firth) and Aurelia (Lucia Moniz) are married with children, while Juliet (Keira Knightley) and Peter (Chiwetel Ejiofar) are still together despite Peter’s best friend being in love with his wife.

Emma Thompson did not return for the reunion due to the passing of her on-screen husband Alan Rickman.

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