Wedding guest BLASTED for making 'inappropriate' fashion mistake – is she in the wrong?


A British woman took to Mumsnet for fashion advice.

She attached a picture of a vampy-looking frock, alongside the question: “Is black a no-no for weddings?

“I’m really not sure whether to wear this dress or not?

“It’s long sleeved but is it too black?”

Following the wedding guest’s plea for help, dozens of commenters waded in on the debate.

The response was very mixed, with some Mumsnetters declaring that the dress would be “inappropriate”.

One responder agued: “Black is traditionally considered a no-no for wedding as it’s a colour of mourning, not celebration.”

Another wrote: “I definitely wouldn’t (wear it) sorry.

“It’s a nice dress but just not appropriate at all.”

A third added: “I like the dress but wouldn’t wear it to a wedding personally.”

Others were less concerned by the colour of dress, reassuring the Mumsnetter that there is nothing wrong with her outfit choice.

A commenter remarked: “I go to at least 5-6 weddings a year.

“Black is fine in winter and I would personally add a pop of colour in the accessories and lipstick. Lovely dress by the way.”

A second said: “It’s fine, it’s patterned and it’s not remotely funeral!

“Put some bright accessories with it if you feel like it, but I wouldn’t say it was necessary.”

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