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Netflix’s Love on The Spectrum is an honest dating reality show, and that’s why it has been receiving so much love from the audience. All the autistic young adults shared their heart-melting stories and made viewers fall in love with them. Now, the audience is curious to know more about their lives, especially updates on their dating experiences. So, let’s find out if the anime fan Kelvin Wong found the one.

The show was first premiered in Australia in November last year. After receiving so much popularity and praise from critics, the series got picked by Netflix, which made it available to watch in other countries as well. On July 22, viewers got to meet eleven amazing personalities who are on the spectrum. One of them is 20 years old Kelvin Wong, who lives with his father and is all set to enter the dating world. The relationship coach, Jodi Rogers, helps him with how to approach a girl and then keep the conversation going. On his first-ever date, he meets Jessica, who is an avid video game player, but not so much into anime or manga. Although the date goes smoothly and Kelvin teaches her how to use chopsticks, the two decided to not take it forward.

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Towards the end of the show, a text overlay gives an update that Kelvin is still working with Jodi. They are planning to come up with a graphic novel that will teach dating skills to autistic people. On the personal front, it doesn’t seem like Kelvin is dating someone right now. Remember when the show begins with the question, “what do you think love is?” and Kelvin responds, “It’ll be like a fairy tale.” Perhaps, he has not found her fairy yet. He loves manga art and wants someone who can be interested in it too. His Instagram account hints that he’s single and enjoying his life with friends. Check out the picture he posted recently:

People with special needs hardly get to be at the center stage on any TV show, but this series makes an attempt to change that pattern. With the help of Love on The Spectrum, viewers get to know autistic people feel the love in the exact same way as non-autistic people. 

They want to feel butterflies, a natural high, and that warm cozy feeling after falling in love. These stories are much more than a form of entertainment – it’s an educational series to make people aware of the challenges faced by people with psychological disorders. 

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All episodes of Love on the Spectrum are available to stream on Netflix.

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