What Should You Know about Nitric Oxide Dump Before Trying It?


What Should You Know about Nitric Oxide Dump Before Trying It?
What Should You Know about Nitric Oxide Dump Before Trying It?

What Should You Know about Nitric Oxide Dump Before Trying It? Nitric oxide is a compound naturally present in your body. It is produced in your endothelium, which is found in the inner walls of the blood vessels.

Today there are workouts known as High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which was first developed by Dr. Zach Bush. Otherwise known as nitric oxide dump, this specialized form of workout promotes heart health.

How Nitric Oxide Works

Nitric oxide acts as a messenger conveying signals to the body’s cells, particularly cardiovascular and nervous systems. It also helps boost immunity as it enhances the immune system.

Although nitric oxide is released in the body naturally from time to time, it can also be released via brisk exercise, which helps it to make its way into the muscles, causing them to relax.

What Is This System?

Popularly known as nitric oxide dump, this system or exercise is a series of quick movements that are not strenuous but give as many benefits as a long workout session and in a few minutes. It is undoubtedly one of the best ways designed to tone the body’s cardiovascular and immune systems. The best advantage of this system is that each session lasts merely three to four minutes.

You can repeat this system two to three times a day, and even then, the total time spent on this exercise cannot take up more than 15 minutes of your time. Even if you get to do a session in the morning and one in the evening, you still stand to gain immense benefits.

However, to get maximum advantages, you need to do it thrice a day. Another advantage of practicing this system is that you don’t have to invest in costly equipment. What is required is ten sq ft of space and 15 minutes per day.

How to Practice It Correctly

Nitric oxide dump or HIIT is a system designed to save precious time and give maximum health benefits, based on scientific evidence. Studies also show that a mere three-minute HIIT workout is equal to 2 hours of moderate exercise.

Here are details of the specific benefits:

Cardio-Vascular Health Benefits

It is proven that nitric oxide can boost cardiovascular health.  Most common heart medications also depend on the nitric oxide circulating in the body, as per a study of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. As soon as nitric oxide is released into the system, the blood vessels dilate, lowering the blood pressure.

Moreover, this system acts as a natural blood thinner as it helps with the viscosity of the blood. It also keeps the blood platelets count at an optimum level, which is crucial for heart health. This system benefits the blood vessels by increasing their elasticity.

Maintains Blood Sugar Levels

HIIT helps maintain blood sugar at optimum levels, especially for chronic diabetics who suffer from hypoglycemia. By easing the muscles and opening them up, nitric oxide dump helps manage spikes in blood sugar levels and prevents blood vessel damage. The glucose in the bloodstream does not linger too long and is used up instantly.

Daily spending 15 minutes on HIIT promotes mitochondrial health and arrests age-related muscle weakening. HIIT workouts help enhance mitochondria activity to increase proteins which improve muscle activity, causing them to work at peak levels.

Doing It, the Right Way is Crucial

Unless HIIT is performed the right way, you cannot reap maximum benefits. Every movement of HIIT has to be done at a rapid pace. Only then do the molecules get released to spread all over the body.

The significant advantage of HIIT is that there is no age restriction. People of all ages and different body types can safely do it. Those with chronic knee or back problems can still do it by practicing shallow squats instead of full squats, and the benefits will remain the same.

Even with half-squats, the quadriceps in the thighs get activated, releasing the nitric oxide crucial for your well-being. Speed is of the essence; hence less number of squats at a higher pace does the trick.

Those with shoulder injuries may find the system a tad difficult and should consult their physicians before attempting it. Pregnant women must also consult their physicians before taking up this regimen as it could injure them or the baby if not done correctly.

HIIT or nitric oxide dump is a proven routine that promotes heart health by regulating blood pressure. Regular practice of this system helps keep blood sugar at moderate levels. Initially, you should practice each movement around ten times, and you can increase the count gradually.

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What Should You Know about Nitric Oxide Dump Before Trying It?

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