Wimbledon’s most controversial outfits – from racy lace to gold hot pants


wimbledon outfits

PASSION FOR FASHION: These fashionable tennis stars caused a stir at Wimbledon (Pic: GETTY/PA)

Wimbledon has a very strict dress code for competitors.

All players must wear “tennis attire that is almost entirely white”, no matter if they’re on the court or in the surrounding areas.

Rules also ensure “common standards of decency are required at all times”, although this is rather subjective.

Due to the unbending regulations, various sport stars have sparked controversy with their outfits over the years.

Here’s that most talked-about attire that’s been worn to the tournament.

Gertrude Moran, 1949

wimbledon outfits

RACY AND LACY: Moran hit headlines when she flashed her undies at Wimbledon (Pic: GETTY)

“Gorgeous Gussie” Moran wore one of the most memorable Wimbledon outfits of all time.

Tennis host Ted Tenling designed the mini dress that ended up sparking a lot of controversy.

Moran sported a ruffled frock that was so short it exposed her lace-trimmed knickers as she played.

The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club branded the move “vulgar” and a “sin to tennis”, which sounds rather harsh nowadays.

Karol Fageros, 1958

wimbledon outfits

PANTS IDEA: Fageros was banned from Wimbledon until she changed her shorts (Pic: GETTY)

The American tennis player caused a stir in the 50s.

She turned up wearing sparkly gold shorts underneath her skirt – and was quickly banned from the tournament.

At the time, Wimbledon secretary Duncan MacAuley worried the undergarments “might put her opponents off”.

Thankfully, Fageros was allowed to return to the competition when she changed her shorts for white ones.

Linda Siegel, 1979

wimbledon outfit

A BIT OF ALL WHITE: Even Siegel’s opponent admitted she looked great (Pic: PA)

Few tennis fans can forget the outfit Linda Siegel wore to Wimbledon 40 years ago.

The USA ace rocked up to the Grand Slam match in a low cut top.

And while she lost against six-time champ Billie Jean King, she certainly had the crowd captivated.

Following the match, her opponent joked: “The audience sure was happy.

“If you’re well-endowed, you might as well show it.”

Anne White, 1985

wimbledon outfit

TIGHT & WHITE: This spandex jumpsuit turned heads at Wimbledon (Pic: GETTY)

The American tennis star caused a stir in 1985.

All eyes were on her as she strode onto the court wearing a skin-tight catsuit and leg warmers.

Her opponent, Pam Shriver, won the match.

But she wasn’t best pleased about Anne’s outfit, remarking: “I heard all this hooting and hollering and I looked up and I saw this thing.

“After the match she said that she didn’t mean to upset my game, but I wish she would have mentioned it to me before we went out there.”

Roger Federer, 2013

wimbledon outfit

SHOE WON’T BELIEVE IT: Wimbledon bosses were even ticked off by Federer’s colourful shoes (Pic: GETTY)

The Wimbledon dress code was tightened after Roger Federer wore a snazzy pair of shoes in 2013.

His sneakers featured bright orange soles – and they definitely wouldn’t be allowed today.

The rules state: “There should be no solid mass or panel of colouring”, leaving colour blocking out of the equation.

Venus Williams, 2017

wimbledon outfit

A BIT OF A BOOB: Williams changed her bra after onlookers noticed her pink straps (Pic: GETTY)

The white clothing rule extends to underwear too.

So when Williams wore a pink bra in 2017, she caused a stir.

The seven-time Grand Slam winner changed her undies half way through the match, which suggests she could have been told to by the umpire.

Nick Kyrgios, 2017

wimbledon outfit

SPURRED ON: Kyrgios was inspired by his favourite football team (Pic: GETTY)

Kyrgios hit headlines when he arrived at Wimbledon practice wearing a Tottenham shirt.

As a die-hard Spurs fan, the Australian ace couldn’t resist showing off the brand new kit.

While he wasn’t playing a game at the time, the tournament’s clothing rules apply to garments “worn on The Championship courts both for practice and for matches”.

It’s not just tennis players who have caught the attention of photographers over the years.

Onlookers have sported some very bizarre outfits as they’ve watched all the action.

This year, a bunch of mates dressed as the teletubbies.

Thankfully, the royals have looked much more dignified.

Kate Middleton wore a black and white frock as she attended Wimbledon this week.

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