WISH (2023): Disney Film’s Box-Office Performance Fate Should Not Be Judged and Sealed…Yet


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Wish Opens Lower Than Expected But Don’t Give Up Hope

Disney‘s Wish has been quick to be judged a box-office disappointment but don’t give up on it quite yet as the rest of the holiday season is yet to come.

Yes, Wish opened to smaller numbers than it should have at the box-office. Is it Disney’s best film or one of their best films? Not really but it is very entertaining and had young audience members applauding at the screening of it which I attended. While it’s entirely possible that Wish could sink at the box-office, its “A-” CinemaScore suggests that audiences like it and if they do, it could just lead to repeat viewings and, possibly, great word of mouth could help the film soar.



Elemental was, simply put, a great film. It was one of the very best of the year. It was quick to be judged a failure on its opening weekend, though. As the summer moved forward this year, Elemental found repeat viewers and people who discovered the movie based on other people’s opinions of just how fine a movie it really was. Wish isn’t at that level but it’s a very endearing and enjoyable movie despite that fact.

Recent articles have jumped to conclusions that Wish is a flop because it didn’t perform as well as it should have. Let’s not forget that it has some major competition at the box-office right now with Trolls Band Together. Maybe not enough people go to the movies on Thanksgiving weekend to make two animated children’s films automatic overnight successes. Ponder that thought for a moment. Does every movie have to crack $50 million-plus in three days to be deemed a hit? Can’t a film’s success be spread over a time span of weeks? As the weeks progress, more precise information will be available in regards to whether or not Wish is a box-office failure.

At the end of Wish are some great illustrations of Disney characters which have graced the silver screen over the years. These characters are displayed over the ending credits. I am not sure Wish will get a Best Animated Picture Oscar nod but it deserves a Best Song nomination for “This Wish.” If the young people at the screening I attended loved it so much, then that’s just a bit of proof that this movie is making an impact on younger audiences. Audiences whose ticket prices are smaller than adults. I predict Wish won’t bow down so quickly but we shall see as time goes on.

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