Wolford Hera – Out With The Old, In With The New


Even the most famous and respected designers in the lingerie world need to revitalise their range every once in a while. All of the best and most timeless ranges need some tender loving care every once in a while. We all need to rejuvenate our own wardrobes too, as our lingerie and clothing wear out over time. So you surely don’t want to buy the same item twice, do you? Well, now you can look forward to an upgrade when that old item you love gets re-released.

Wolford Hera String Body is one of those designs. This string body is a beautiful number. It might be the most well-reviewed and item of bodywear that Wolford has ever released. It is certainly one of the most popular on our sister site, UK Tights. We are completely in love with this new piece. That goes for the stunning visual aspects of this body and the fact that it is a technical achievement too, thanks to all of its smaller quality of life improvements.

So what exactly has changed about this design since we last saw it? Previously the Wolford Hera body was actually named the Wolford Image String Body. It was similar to the new iteration in a few ways. The image became a really iconic part of the catalogue of Wolford bodies over the past few years. But the best designs have room for improvement, and Hera is the next iteration of wonderful item. So what has changed between Image and Hera exactly?

Firstly the fit has been dramatically improved. It has a much more comfortable overall feel and moves easily as you do. Second is its seamless construction. There is no seams insight, which also improves the comfort level, but chiefly makes this body feel like a second skin. And thirdly, Hera is now a contrasting design. This body now has a contrasting sheer back with a black opaque front. This is much more dramatic than an all-black, or all nude design can be by themselves.

This new trend is really popular with Wolford, and their items are more eye-catching and astounding through this clever use of contrast. This body also features a matt finish for pairing up with any outfit, a crew neck, popper fasteners at the bottom, and full-length sleeves.

This is the first in a new generation of better and more beautiful bodies from Wolford. It is a stunning piece of design and the start of something great for this beloved brand.

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