Woman’s ‘innocent’ dress goes viral for VERY rude reason – can you see why?


London commuter wearing monochrome dress IMGUR

LONDON TUBE: This commuter’s dress went viral – but for all the wrong reasons (Pic: IMGUR)

In the photo, it shows a woman travelling in a London tube carriage speaking to two men in suits.

She is wearing a black and white monochrome dress with her hair down.

It soon went viral after one unnamed passenger shared the image on Ranker, with the caption: “A pattern of bad behaviour.”

But can you see why the dress can be misconstrued as something ruder?

“A pattern of bad behaviour”


If you look closely, the woman is wearing a simple patterned dress.

Sadly for the commuter, the monochrome dress has an unfortunate design over the bum, which can be mistaken for something else.

The post was originally uploaded on photo sharing website, Imgur.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time a person’s outfit went viral for the wrong reasons.

London commuter wears monochrome dress on tube IMGUR

FASHION FAILS: The pattern on her dress can be misconstrued as something quite naughty (Pic: IMGUR)

Previously, one .

Angelee Choa took a snap of herself wearing a patterned swimsuit in the changing rooms of a store.

But people couldn’t help but notice the palm trees on the design gave the illusion of another kind of bush.

One person joked: “Aren’t you suppose to trim up before you wear a bathing suit?”

Also, this .

She spotted a cheeky silhouette of a naked woman on the pattern.

The woman’s daughter shared the snap on Imgur, she wrote: “My mum has been wearing this summer dress for years and no one noticed the pattern until now…”

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