WWE Sued By Writer Over Claims She Was Fired For Objecting To ‘Offensively Racist’ Storylines


By Brent Furdyk.

A former writer for WWE has launched a lawsuit against the pro wrestling organization, alleging she was fired after pushing back on storylines she found “offensively racist.”

According to People, writer Britney Abrahams — who is Black — filed a lawsuit against WWE, claiming on numerous occasions that she made known her objections to “offensively racist and stereotypical jargon” in the WWE writer’s room.

In her suit, Abrahams names WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, his daughter and former WWE Chairwoman Stephanie McMahon, and five members of the writing staff, referencing storylines involving such WWE stars as Bianca Belair, Apollo Crews and others.

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Abrahams’ suit alleges that WWE lead writer Ryan Callahan suggested a storyline that would reveal a Saudi-born wrestler to have been “behind the 9/11 attacks.”

She also claims that an idea was floated for an Australian wrestler to be identified as a “hunter” who “hunts people,” which would include the capture of a Black wrestler who’d be confined in a cage.

Abrahams says she found “found Callahan’s pitch highly offensive and objectionable,” noting that she “objected to her superior’s racially motivated misconduct, specifically stating that a gimmick where a white man hunting a black African American man for sport is racist.”

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However, the suit alleges, “Callahan laughed and sarcastically responded, ‘OH, WHAT? IS THAT A BAD THING?’”

Abrahams also says that she took issue with a line of dialogue that WWE senior writer Chris Dunn wrote for woman’s champ Bianca Belair, telling another wrestler, “Uh-Uh! Don’t make me take off my earrings and beat your ass!”

“Uttering that line was, and still is, negatively stereotypical of race and gender, and [Abrahams] found it offensive, and still finds it offensive,” the lawsuit says, alleging that Belair repeatedly shared her own concerns about that line.

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Abrahams claims that she was fired in 2022 for taking a commemorative chair from WrestleMania 38 event, even though numerous white employees had done the same thing, and that the company has a “policy of allowing employees to take WrestleMania branded” chairs home after each Wrestlemania event.

Reps for WWE have not responded to People‘s request for comment.

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