XXXmas! The sexiest scenes to spice up Crimbo classics


Some of our favourite Christmas movies and TV episodes have secret innuendos that many never would have realised are sexy at all.

You may not even be aware of some, because scenes that were deemed too inappropriate were actually cut from the final piece.

While some of our favourite picks have been ramping up the sex appeal for some of the raunchier scenes, many viewers are more than happy with a sexy santa – and we have lots of them.

From popular TV series to movie favourites, Daily Star Online have put together the ultimate roundup of our favourite sexy Christmas scenes ever.

Love Actually

Would you believe that Love Actually has one of the raunchiest scenes of all Christmas movies? You might, if you’ve seen the full version.

There is another part of the movie that edits out the X-rated scene, featuring two porn stars taking on a number of different sex positions.

The pair, unsurprisingly, end up falling in love, but the scene was cut from daytime TV – although their scene did end up going viral… on PornHub.

Bad Santa 2

Just when you thought you’d heard enough about X-rated scenes with Love Actually, Bad Santa 2 came about.

Billy Bob Thornton and Christina Hendricks took part in one of the most devastatingly dirty scenes for the film – and it’s proven to be unforgettable.

The pair have a secret romp in an alleyway, while she tells him: “I’m a good girl but sometimes I need to be bad.”

A backstreet quickie is almost as filthy as it can get – for a Christmas film anyway.


DELETED SCENE: One of the couples in Love Actually doesn’t always appear in the movie (Pic: LOVE ACTUALLY)


BACKSTREET: Bad Santa 2 went extra raunchy with a backstreet romp (Pic: BAD SANTA 2)


JINGLE BELL ROCK: The Mean Girls dominated Christmas with their dance to Jingle Bell Rock (Pic: MEAN GIRLS)

Mean Girls

Potentially one of the most popular movies of all time, Mean Girls dominated the 2000s with a decidedly unique rendition of Jingle Bell Rock.

Flaunting a whole lotta flesh on the stage, the four leading ladies stripped to Santa outfits that consisted of a skintight top with a tiny miniskirt and latex boots.

It’s easy to understand why Kady’s dad was less than impressed with the vulgar dance moves – but it still proved to be one of the sexiest Christmas scenes of all time – and fans still go back and watch it now.

Gossip Girl

When Serena Van Der Woodsen proves to Dan Humphrey that she’s fallen for him for real, their first time is very romantic.

Starting with a lot of fake snow as their Christmas present, the pair soon start getting hot and heavy before Serena strips down to her slip.

Inviting Dan to spend the night with her, the pair then take it to the floor as they shared passionate kisses before stripping down.

While it’s not the steamiest of all, we definitely could see where it was going.


ROMANCE: Things got hot and heavy for Dan and Serena in their Christmas scene (Pic: GOSSIP GIRL)


SEXY SANTA: Spencer Hastings stripped down to a raunchy santa outfit (Pic: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS)

Pretty Little Liars

If there is one TV show that loves the festivities, it’s Pretty Little Liars – and Christmas is no different.

As the leading ladies rallied up for a takedown of one of their pals, Spencer Hastings was preparing to go to jail – so she left a little Christmas surprise for her boyfriend.

Stripping down to her saucy Santa outfit, Spencer posed for Toby Cavanaugh in a tiny Santa suit, stockings and heels.

As she oozed sex appeal, her beau’s jaw was left dropped, and viewers haven’t steered clear of the episode since – it’s definitely a favourite for die hard fans.

Some of our favourite Christmas scenes had a hint of sex appeal that we didn’t notice – there’s always a hint of promiscuity where you least expect it…

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