You Deserve It: Upgrade Your Bedroom With This Fantastic Sale


Name a better feeling than wiggling into perfectly soft, fresh sheets at the close of a long day … I’ll wait.

This might make my day-to-day life sound a bit boring, but I have to admit: Hopping into my bed is undoubtedly one of my favorite activities. Whether I’ve checked anything off of my to-do list or not, my bed welcomes me, judgment-free with open arms, ready to help me drift away into a restful night of sleep (maybe if I think really hard about Outer Banks before I close my eyes tonight, John B. will ask me to marry him in my next dream). My transition from “post-grad lost soul” to “sort of independent adult” was marked by my newfound interest to invest in my sleep space and to set myself up for better days ahead. Now, I look for bedding that boasts durability, quality, and comfort. And what better place to invest than somewhere that offers high-quality, affordable linen that’s also on sale?

Brooklinen is one of my go-to brands to shop when it comes to all things bed, and for their birthday sale, they’re offering 20 percent off of the luxury pieces your bedroom is missing. If your sleep space is in the market for a glow up, they’ve got your back. Shop our favorite picks from the sale, here:

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