ZOMBIE PLANE (2023): New Vanilla Ice Movie Casts Surprise Action Hero in a Role in the Film


Sophie Monk Vanilla Ice Zombie Plane

Zombie Plane Casts Old School Action Hero

Vanilla Ice is starring in an upcoming movie called Zombie Plane and it has been revealed that joining Ice in the film will be action hero Chuck Norris.

A zombie attack will make for a wild ride in the new film, Zombie Plane, and, surprisingly, joining the action will be former heroic superstar, Chuck Norris. Vanilla Ice and Norris will be portraying themselves in the science fiction action picture. Both stars will serve as undercover agents who must save civilization as we know it by defeating zombies.



Norris is 83-years old but that isn’t stopping the former megastar from returning to form to play an action hero role not unlike those he did in the prime of his career back in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Former rapper Ice recently took a gig on “Dancing with the Stars” several years back and then disappeared again but he is now back in the spotlight appearing opposite screen veteran Norris in what sounds like it could be a wildly entertaining picture.

Although Chuck Norris has a following, one of his biggest early hits, The Delta Force, was not well received by movie critics. It made $17 million (which was good for 1986) and earned a significantly respectable “B+” CinemaScore grade which was decent for a mindless action picture. Vanilla Ice’s big screen 1991 movie, Cool as Ice, probably wished it could have done as well at the box-office as Norris’s 1986 movie. Cool as Ice made a mere $1 million and completely froze Ice’s potential as a movie star. Let’s not mention the reviews for Ice’s picture made Norris’s poor reviews seem golden in contrast.

Zombie Plane sounds a bit like 2006’s Snakes on a Plane in terms of its concept but it should prove to also be completely different in nature. After all, zombies and snakes are two different types of enemies. However, Zombie Plane still seems to have that campy feel to it. For the new project, Norris and Ice stopped to “collaborate and listen” to what audiences seem to want in an action picture. In addition, Ice will be creating new music for the film as well which is making his fans super excited.

Norris, however, is the most valuable player here. Missing in Action and Sidekicks are two of his other big hits and respectively grossed $22 million and $17 million domestically. Norris made his career out of playing memorable action heroes. Australian actress Sophie Monk will also be appearing in Zombie Plane as well. It will be interesting to see if Vanilla Ice has matured at all as an actor but even if he hasn’t, this upcoming movie is all in fun and Norris’ presence will make it a curiosity piece for his slew of action movie fans.

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